What Have You Thrown Away Today?

What Did You Throw Away Today?










In the briefest of moments, we carelessly throw so much of value away. Sad, so sad.

But, with deliberate effort, we can learn to hold treasures closer to our heart and share them with others rather than negligently toss them out. Rise above the apathy in your lives and learn to recognize your treasures and assets; for only in recognizing them, can you give them their due value.Imageolo


Knowledge will open a door or close one.
Knowledge will instruct or destruct.
Knowledge will create wealth or destitution.
Knowledge will enlighten or mystify.
Knowledge will inspire or depress.
Knowledge will create peace or anguish.
Knowledge will create or destroy.
Knowledge will follow a path or run in circles.
Knowledge will free or imprison.
Knowledge will empower or slave.
Knowledge can create leaders or followers.
Knowledge is either accurate or inaccurate.
The difference is gigantic but subtle.
Can you tell the difference?

Forging Healthy Relationships

I think all of you would agree that life is a lot smoother when our key relationships are in good shape. How do we build our relationships and keep them in good shape?I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I am a student of experts on the topic. I have gleaned much from John C. Maxwell, Susan Christy, M. Scott Peck, Oliver DeMille, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and a host of other experts.

Personally, I find it helpful to have what I refer to as “cheat sheets” for information I can use on a daily basis. Cheat sheets serve as my “external hard drive”. It is too easy in the chaos of the day to lose focus and slip into reactive behavior. Never a good idea when working with people!

This is one of my favorite “cheat sheets”. It keeps me on track when working with my coworkers and clients.

What personality type is the person I am speaking with?
Am I a source of encouragement or negativity?
Am I connecting with people on a professional level?
Am I focused on listening and understanding others?
Am I building trust right now?
Each of these simple questions serves to remind me of deeper questions to ask myself as I go about my day. They allow me to evaluate myself, identify where I could be doing a better job, and focus on some of what really matters.

I sincerely wish to forge healthy relationships. Unhealthy ones make the day miserable, to say the least!

How do you build good relationships?