Geez!! Where is that smell coming from??!!!

A farmer was spreading manure on his fields one day. He didn’t realize he had some manure on his finger when he picked his nose. When he made it home to his family, he complained “This house smells like crap.” He went over to the neighborhood bar for a beer and commented to his friends that the bar smelled like crap. The problem wasn’t where he was. He was the problem carrying the crap with him ever where he went.

I first heard this story from author Christopher James Brady.

If you keep running into the same problems – poor relationships, bad luck, no one at work likes you, can’t get a promotion, always broke – you might want to check for some crap on your finger. Take responsibility for your life. No one else can or will.


One comment on “Geez!! Where is that smell coming from??!!!

  1. Okay, now that I’ve stopped laughing I can write my comment! This story motivates me to evaluate what self-imposed factors might taint my perceptions of a situation before I form an opinion or act. Thanks Moira for the gentle reminder that I could be the source of the smell of crap. 🙂

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