Geez!! Where is that smell coming from??!!!

A farmer was spreading manure on his fields one day. He didn’t realize he had some manure on his finger when he picked his nose. When he made it home to his family, he complained “This house smells like crap.” He went over to the neighborhood bar for a beer and commented to his friends that the bar smelled like crap. The problem wasn’t where he was. He was the problem carrying the crap with him ever where he went.

I first heard this story from author Christopher James Brady.

If you keep running into the same problems – poor relationships, bad luck, no one at work likes you, can’t get a promotion, always broke – you might want to check for some crap on your finger. Take responsibility for your life. No one else can or will.


Living on “Don’t Wants”

People tell me they don’t have time to improve their situations be it through reading, taking a class, joining a gym, going back to school, etc. And, yet, they have plenty of time to watch the Super Bowl, watch television, play on the local bowling league, party, etc. What they are really saying is that changing the situation isn’t a priority. They are comfortable in their misery. Even the princess finally got off the mattress with the pea! Why not you?

Most people live on “don’t wants” rather than doing what needs to be done to succeed.

I don’t want to go to the gym.

I don’t want to attend seminars.

I don’t want to lose weight.

I don’t want to give up T.V.

Don’t be “most people.”

Here are some thoughts that have helped me:

No one has reached a point where they don’t need to grow anymore. No one.

You choose whether or not you succeed. No one else. Your greatest asset is yourself. By the same token, your greatest challenge is yourself.

If the information in your brain is accurate, you can make better decisions. Seems to me it is pretty important to know what information you have stored in your brain.

Those who understand people, care about people, and communicate well with people make great contributions in their chosen field or endeavor.

Make a decision and then manage the decision.

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you get good at it.

Success creates options.

It may appear easier to fit in with the crowd, but then you have a lifetime of average. Nothing wrong with average, but you are meant for greater things.

We have tons of inputs every day, positive and negative. The trick is to increase the positive and eliminate the negative.

You might also want to make sure you are a source of negative.

Every thought you have does not need to come out your mouth.

Change what you need to change to get where you want to go.

If you want to succeed, you must focus on the goal and what it takes to get there. Focus on solutions not circumstances.

Accept responsibility.

Plan your work and work your plan.

Outwork everybody.

No one has ever been successful completely on their own. It always takes the help of others. There will be others along the way that will play a role in your success – just as you hope to play a role in the success of others.img_0903

Little Things Can Make the Biggest Difference

What can we truly count on to improve our lives without breaking down or requiring anti-virus software?

Here are some of the things I can count on 100% of the time to improve my life.

A spectacular sunset.
The sound of the ocean.
The smell of a baby’s hair.
The first daffodil of the season.
Roses blooming in my yard.
Watching puppies play.
The sight of my grandsons peacefully sleeping.
Watching my husband walk across the farm.
Time around the dinner table with my entire family.
The smell of our cypress trees after the first rainfall.
Watching a cat sleep in the sun.
Red tail hawks gliding overhead.

What are some of the things you can count on to improve your life?