Build a Monument Out of Your Life

Build a Monument Out of Your Life

All over the world, there are monuments commemorating people, events, philosophies, faiths, etc. Each is a work of art serving as a reminder or an inspiration.

People build a “monument” out of their own lives.

Some people build small monuments. Small doesn’t mean useless or without value. Maybe the range of influence is limited to within a family or a relationship. Or, maybe the range is within one clinic or corporation. Of course, the impact might actually be huge to that family or corporation and the monument is only small in range of influence. Small could be positive or negative in influence. There are small precious monuments to love within a family, vitriolic monuments of hate toward a neighbor, and cherished monuments of joy shared within a community.

Others build massive monuments, massive in range of influence impacting millions of lives directly or indirectly. Examples would be the development of cancer treatments, technological advancements in communication, and eradication of polio.

Some personal monuments are large impacting an entire Nation. Mother Theresa created one in India that will influence generations to come. Hitler certainly created a monument of hate that will never be forgotten. Indira Ghandi’s monument influenced several generations of an entire Nation with a ripple effect still felt today.

Some monuments influence generations. Benjamin Franklin created a monument spanning generations in several Nations influencing government, science, art and critical thinking. Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie certainly created monuments that have influenced several generations to think more kindly, act with more respect and look on the bright side. So far, Orrin and Laurie Woodward with Chris and Terri Brady have influenced two generations encouraging the development of personal leadership. The Beatles monument has influenced multiple generations and is still impacting the music industry and personal lives.

Intentionally or not, everyone creates a monument. What monument are you building? What does it represent?

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