Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle?

black Labrador trying to climb out of the river

I met with a group of friends recently and somehow we landed on to the topic of odd phrases we all use, but don’t know where we picked them up. We also aren’t sure what some of them actually mean.

  • Beat around the bush. (What bush and why?)
  • Slicker than deer guts on a doorknob.(Really? Did someone actually try this one? Ewwww!)
  • Best foot forward. (We only have two. Which is the best one?)
  • Bite the bullet. (Sounds painful to me.)
  • Break a leg. (How did this become the way to wish an actor best wishes? Sounds pretty mean to me.)
  • Bury the hatchet. (This is suppose to mean that you stop fighting, but sounds more like a form of attack to me.)
  • By hook or by crook. (What are we supposed to do with the hook or crook???)
  • A shot in the arm. (Ow! How is that good?)
  • Acid test. (Sounds painful again.)
  • As happy as a clam. (How do we know that clams are happy?)
  • Bats in the belfry. (Sounds like a scene from a horror novel.)
  • The birds and the bees. (How in the world would explaining sex to a child involve birds and the bees?)
  • Brownie points. (Like in Girl Scouts?)
  • Heebie jeebies. (This is one is just odd. What is a heebie jeebie?)
  • Catch 22 (Is there a catch 21?)
  • Up shit creek without a paddle. (Very visual!)
  • The whole shebang. (Can you have part of a shebang? And, what is a shebang?)
  • Talk to the hand. (Diva move?)
  • Spill the beans. (How did beans come to refer to sharing a secret?)
  • Nitty gritty. (Fine sand?)
  • On Cloud Nine. (Where is Cloud Nine and why is it better than the other clouds?)
  • Paint the town red. (Why is red wilder than say blue or pink?)
  • More bangs for the buck. (More noise is better?)
  • Make a beeline for… (Bees never travel a straight line. Why would making a beeline be a good idea???)
  • Hunky-dory. (What exactly is a hunky-dory and why is it a good thing?)
  • Throw a hissy fit. (Adults hiss when throwing a temper tantrum?)
  • Cute as a button. (I have seen a few cute buttons but not sure I would say they are all cute.)

What other odd sayings you use?

One comment on “Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle?

  1. My mom’s favorite is “Hold your horses”. I can’t count the number of times I heard that growing up!

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