I usually take two one-month vacations each year. This time is spent recharging my batteries by turning my mind to things that don’t require my mind.

  • gardeningchocolate Labrador, Koto, lying in a field of flowers
  • playing with the dog
  • hiking with my husband
  • shopping with friends
  • reflection (aka napping)
  • building a new shed
  • painting the house
  • visiting with family
  • writing blog articles (and you thought I used my mind – ha!)

All of the above actually do require my mind, but on different tracks than my day-to-day profession. Vacation time allows me concentrated time to stretch my brain in other directions or to just let it shut down for a bit. Both are valuable.

I hope you allow yourself proper time to recharge and restore yourself throughout the year. Become an expert on vacationing and the benefits are huge!

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