yellow Labrador, cat and Pekingese lying togetherI don’t know about you, but I find that some of my family members are a little more “special” than others. Special is not necessarily a good thing. I do love them all though! I bet you have some special family members too! Let me introduce you to a few of my family members.

There is the Grand Dame. You know, the one who walks like the Queen of England barely acknowledging the peons in the room, nose slightly in the air, back straight, disdainful, prim and proper.

Then there is the perpetually young adult family member. The one everyone loves, but you have to put breakables up out of reach. Tripping over their own feet. Bumping into people, walls and furniture. Extremely happy, but oh so clueless! Distracted by every shiny object. Perpetually young and never going to grow up and mature.

We have the doddering old man who needs help getting up the stairs or remembering who you are. Such a sweetie, but time has caught up with him.

Of course, living out in the country, we have the redneck. Always bringing the latest kill home, starting fights, flexing muscles, and outeating everyone else just because.

Everyone has a grouch in their family. The one member who is never happy with anything and constantly grumbling under their breath. They have their spot and no one else dares to sit there. When they walk through the room everyone else moves aside with eyes downcast.

Some of you may have a control freak. We certainly do! The one who has to push and prod everyone else into doing things their way. Always in charge of keeping everyone together and on track.

Everyone loves the family clown. This is the one who keeps everyone laughing even if it takes extreme antics, pratfalls, or the bizarre. Think Tigger. Sometimes a little simple in the mind, but has a huge heart and flamboyant sense of humor.

Every lucky family has a soulful member. The one who looks deeply into your eyes seeking to sympathize or console you. Always offers a kind touch or warm hug. He or she makes you feel better by simply sitting close by and listening attentively.

Does your family have a hyperactive worrier? Frantically running around trying to do too much and ineffective at accomplishing anything. Announcing everyone’s arrival with fuss and bother. Makes you tired just to watch them. Ours is definitely an overachiever when it comes to anxiety!

The peacekeeper is another member everyone loves. Calm, quiet force encouraging everyone to kiss and make-up. The peacekeeper is unhappy if everyone isn’t having a good time or isn’t getting along with everyone else.

We have lots of jocks in our family. Nothing is too much of a challenge: swimming, ball sports, running, hiking. The jock is always doing something physical to the extreme.

And I am only talking about the four-legged members of my family! Don’t even get me started on the humans!

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