False Evidence Appearing Real

yellow Labrador, 'Paddy', hiding under a blanket

What is that incessant background noise? A barely audible soft whining. It seems to be coming from the dark corner on the other side of the room. There is something sitting over there. I can’t tell what it is. When I look directly at it, it is invisible. If I look a little off to the side, it appears to be a small amorphous blob. Is that what is making such an irritating noise?

What is that thing? Is it dangerous? Maybe I will be able to see it better if I move a little closer. Just a step or two. It looks as if the body is pulsing in time with the whining. I can’t tell what it is yet. Maybe just a little closer.

I can barely hear the whine, it is so soft. Doesn’t sound dangerous, but I better be careful until I can see it more clearly. Does it have eyes? None that I can see. There doesn’t appear to be any ears either. Is it alive?

Wait! It’s moving. Turning toward me? Have I been looking at its back? Now it is facing me. Such a hideous creature! Puffy, black circles around the eyes. The mouth is lipless and stretches wide across the face. What is this thing? The whining is driving me crazy! I can barely concentrate.

I can’t resist walking toward it as if controlled by something. How could something so small have so much influence over me? What the hell is this thing?

OH MY GOD! It is FEAR! Amorphous, insidious, baseless fear. False Evidence AppearingReal! It is trying to control me. I can’t resist. My dreams, ambitions, goals and belief in myself are all fading from my mind. I can’t think. Must. Not. Give. In.

Wait a minute! That little snot is trying to control me? Me! I will kick the living $#@* out of it first! Going to use a few Jackie Chan moves backed up with good old street fighting techniques. Where is my baseball bat? False Evidence Appearing Real isn’t going to stop me from pursuing my dreams and goals.

You are going down, Fear!


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