Down Time

In any profession, it is very easy to work long, long days. There are many reasons we work longer days and increasingly more hours per year. Our employer requires the overtime. You feel guilty leaving on time when everyone else is still so busy. One more client just arrived and really needs YOU. The extra money is a necessity or would just be nice. I am sure you can think of many other reasons.

Give this some thought. While it is tempting or even required to work extra hours occasionally, those hours just might be stolen from your loved ones, from your health, or from your sanity. Those hours have to come from somewhere – and you can never get them back.

I am not suggesting you give up the second job or refuse to work overtime. However, I am suggesting you remember that job burnout, poor relationships, compassion fatigue and failing health are often the result of a life badly out of balance. Take better care of yourself by assuring you get proper “down time” and you, your relationships, and your career will all benefit.

When you are lying on your death bed, I seriously doubt you will say “I wish I had worked more”. Your greatest asset is time. Spend it wisely.

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