Beware Whom You Work For!

Not only does your job influence your lifestyle, but those you work with influence who you are.

Whom you associate with influences how you think and behave as well as what you believe. Remember when your mother told you not to hang around Jimmy down the street because he wasn’t a nice boy? Well, the same thing applies to your associations at work.

  • Hang around a boss with a short temperand you learn to keep a low profile.
  • Hang around an arrogant boss and you develop a lack of confidence.
  • Hang around a verbally abusive boss and your stress level will be extreme.
  • Hang around a boss with any serious negative attributes and you will burn out quickly.

I know you need an income, but you also need to be careful who you work for. The pay might be reasonable or even great, but over time the damage to your personality and emotional health isn’t worth any amount of money.

Who you work for can also affect you in positive ways.

  • Hang around a boss who appreciates the staff and the stress level drops away.
  • Hang around a boss with emotional intelligence and you learn emotional intelligence.
  • Hang around a boss who trusts and you learn to give and to earn trust.
  • Hang around a boss who loves the profession and you learn to have fun even on the busiest days.

Care enough about yourself to be choosy about whom you work for. If you are working for someone that doesn’t support, respect and encourage the staff, start looking for a new job right now.

You deserve better!

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