Resolve [ri-zolv] noun:

  1. Firmness of purpose.
  2. A firm decision to do something.

Millions of people all over the world are think about resolutions. Think, but not actually committing. It would be more accurate to describe this as less about resolutions and more about fantasies. Resolutions are great things to brag about; fantastic intentions, but most people don’t treat them with resolve.

  • “I am going to lose weight.”
  • “I am going to get fit and work out at least three days per week.”
  • “I am going to give up smoking.”
  • “I am finally going to start my own business.”
  • “I am going to quit my dead end job and move up to something better.”
  • “I will be a better parent.”
  • “I will spend more time with my spouse.”

And, the list goes on. Those who will succeed in achieving their resolutions are those truly committed to the action necessary and the final results.

Identify one goal you know you are committed to achieving and write it in concrete. Develop a flexible game plan, a trusted team of supporters, and go for it!

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