Goals Versus Obstacles

I have had the opportunity to hear Chris Brady, Best Selling co-author of “Launching a Leadership Revolution” speak on numerous occasions. I have learned much from him over the years, but I will never forget the talk he gave on staying focused on goals rather than obstacles. And, right now seems to be a good time to remind myself of just that.

As I go about my life, “stuff” happens. You know what I am talking about. The little things that pop up and throw us off track. The flat tire on the car that makes you late for work. The Boy Scout camping trip you so carefully packed the car for, is rained out. You and your spouse are committed to becoming financially sound before you start your family and SURPRISE, you find that you are pregnant two years earlier than planned. Oh, and your plan to retire at 55 from the job you have held for almost 30 years just went out the window because you have been laid off at 51.

Obstacles are going to pop up. Things are going to hit you. Details will try to overwhelm or distract you. This is normal. It is just life. Expect it. However, don’t cave into it. Don’t let it derail you. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

If you are focused on your dreams and goals, the resistance you meet along the way is just there to add excitement and variety to the journey. Hey, I am not some Pollyanna. I have my fair share of crap to wade through. I just don’t choose to wallow in it. And, as Chris Brady says, “Doesn’t Matter, Doesn’t Matter, Doesn’t Matter”. This mantra helps me remember that my goals and dreams are still my big picture.
“The goal was set in stone and the path in sand”.

I keep my vision of the future crystal clear in my mind. The stuff that happens along the way doesn’t matter. It is how I respond that does matter. I keep moving forward all the time with a great excitement in my heart and pride in what I am doing. Life is awesome! Even with the occasional doo-doo in the pathway.

Onward and Upward.